Why HackRepair.com and What Are The Hack Repair Guys’ Service Standards?

Personalized and caring involvement in fixing your hacked website– it’s what we do.

  • Our goal is to help you prevent your website from being hacked again.
  • Service is very important to us. We intend to reply to every email you send us within five minutes; and likewise begin working to fix your website within minutes of your call.
  • Why HackRepair.com - The HackRepair.com ProcessNo outsourcing to an unknown sweat shop of workers in some unknown country. We are a California-based business.
  • We consider every phone call we receive a blessing. Call us anytime, (619) 479-6637, or Toll Free, (800) 639-6442, or email, jim at hackrepair dot com
  • Once we’ve completed the clearing of malware from your website we will, with your approval, help you install software to better secure your website in future.
  • Throughout the course of cleaning your hacked website we will provide you with a real-time report on what we are doing, what we’ve found, and what to watch out for in future.
  • Even after your website has been secured and Google.com reputation restored we will remain available by phone or email for any question you may have in the future. Think of us as “your website security experts for life!”
  • With fifteen years of web hosting and Internet security related experience our skill sets are unique and available to you for a reasonable flat fee.
  • We treat every hack repair project we work on as though it were our own website.


Our service goals include:

1. Education.

Our #1 goal is to ensure your website is never hacked again. We hope to impart to you all of the lessons we’ve learned from previous clients, and help make you a WordPress security guru by the time we are finished.

2. Reporting.

Our #2 goal is to report back to you everything we’ve done, including showing you what malware looks like and how to locate it.

  3. Long term security.

Once we’ve cleared all malware from your website, our goal #3 is to better secure your website from random bots and other malicious folk. Below are some of the tasks we intend to build into your website (for WordPress clients):

  • Enable a 404 error detection. This helps to block random bots of finding you.
  • Enable backups. We don’t want all of our good works lost due to accidental file deletion.
  • Enable brute force login protection. This will help block hackers attempting to guess your password.
  • Enable file locking so hackers cannot edit core WordPress files.
  • Enable real-time logging within your site. This will notify us if something changes within your site unexpectedly.
  • Enable settings to reduce comment spam.
  • Enable you to better secure your website by teaching you security best practices.
  • Enable your website to deny the execution of scripts within images directories. This helps to discourage hackers from hiding back door scripts within directories you would not normally check or monitor.
  • Enable real-time file monitoring.
  • And much more…


Below are words of encouragement and testimonials received from some of our recent customers:

Jim at HackRepair.com responded to my initial request for help quickly, the same day, even though my request came in well after business hours. He explained what he could do in a very straightforward way. I contracted for his services and then he proceeded to do exactly what he promised to do and in the time frame he promised. After repairing the “hack” he spent some time with me explaining what I needed to do to prevent a similar occurrence. I am very pleased with his services and would highly recommend him.

Our server was hacked, the situation was desperate, and our NOC wasn’t much help. We contacted HackRepair on a Sunday afternoon. Jim Walker called us back within a few minutes and within an hour he was on the case. He took control of the situation, recognized the attack, and knew what needed to be done to stop it. He quickly stopped the attack, identified suspicious files on the server, told us what to do to prevent another attack, and responded quickly to our all questions as we worked to clean up and further secure the server. Thanks, Jim! You were a lifesaver!

We as a Church and Media Ministry are very thankful for Jim and his hard work on our Church Website. He worked on our site after being hacked and in a matter of hours had our Website back online and better than ever!

I thought it was a lost cause but Jim really came through. I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to recommend him or tvcnet.com to anyone. Top notch work and very fast. Very reasonable rates too, we searched others but are very glad we chose Jim!

HackRepair is the real deal. They know their stuff. As a PC tech myself who has always been focused on finding the cause of a problem and fixing the cause, I recognize the difference between fixes and true solutions. Jim is knowledgeable and is all about finding the root cause and solving problems, for him it’s not about just selling services. Great advice and great work.

When I had an emergency website virus attack, I searched and found Hackrepair.com info on Google – Jim answered personally and clearly explained his services, then to my surprise started the job immediately even though it was a Friday night! He didn’t stop until everything was gone from my domain. Thanks, Jim!

HackRepair.com support was there to answer our questions when we needed it; we highly recommend their services – this is a company you can put your faith in!

When my photography website was hacked, I called http://www.hackrepair.com for help. Not only did Jim call me back right away, he started working on fixing my site right away, and he clearly communicated with me through email and phone calls the entire time. In addition, he walked me through my site, some of its uses, and how to prevent hacking in the future. I was so happy to be able to actually speak to someone on the phone for help. Not being able to get any help from my website’s host company, and not being computer savvy I was so grateful for someone like Jim to give me quality support and service I needed.

Jim Walker gave me the best customer service I have experienced from a company in a really long time, and I will definitely call him again in the case of any future problems with my site.

Our website was recently hacked. We hired Jim Walker and his team to clean our site. Jim was on top of the Issue he work all day reviewing, corresponding to us and fixing our website. Thank you again Jim! Anyone who is looking for someone to clean a site after it was hacked I highly recommend HackRepair.com.

Our website was infected for weeks with a pharma hack. We had friends who work in tech trying to help us get the situation resolved and get the hack removed but none of them could figure it out. Google plastered a warning on our site and it was blocked at our customers’ offices and their schools. Jim at Hackrepair.com not only removed the hack in a matter of hours, he handled clearing our site with Google and he did it all within 24 hours and for a reasonable price. He also added security to our site and walked us through the whole process in real time. We would recommend him to anyone or any business with a website problem.

There was no Friday Date Night. No, Mr French and I did not have a spat, although he did abandon me for the weekend on yet another one of his numerous business trips.

Instead of writing about a yet another memorable meal, I caught a virus. Or rather my blog did. And I had NO IDEA! Those nasty hackers are now infecting sites, so that even the administrators, non, especially the admins are not aware of it. FORTUNATELY this virus will NOT infect you or your computer. Its sole purpose in life is to infect blogs for Google ratings to increase (in my virus’ case) Viagra sales! so YOU ARE 100%SAFE .

Fortunately YOU are a GREAT bunch of readers and several of you sent me an email letting me know your access was blocked. MILLE MERCIS for that. Sincerely!Now that I have become something of an expert, I’d like to share a little health ed with all my blogger friends out there. 1/ 80% of all blogs get infected because the blogger (in this case moi) did not upgrade to the latest version of Blogger/WordPress or whatever platform you are using. Stay with the times, my friends and update when ever possible.

2/ What to do if you do get infected? There are tons of articles available online that teach you how to back up your blog, rout out the bugs and get it up and running again. For a pro it takes just a few hours. Knowing myself, it would have taken me a few days. Non stop, around the clock and much of it angst ridden. I needed a Plan B, aka a hired gun. This is a scary concept because you have to give a total stranger access to your blog and your ftp code. I went into research mode and found Jim from HackRepair.com. His prices are somewhere in between the bargain basement folks working from far off outposts and the more local “studios”. For a bit more confidence in his legit-itude, I found some review on him and his work, then I called and we had a little chat. Once I’d paid for his service, he started sending me emails with regular updates of what was going on. This is usually a two hour process, but I was missing a key password and the GoDaddy server went down. He kept me calm throughout it all and within fours, it was done.

I verified that everything was clean using a Google service and UnmaskParsites.com. I then reached out to the readers who had warned me in the first place. They confirmed that all was well in my little world. So thank you Jim, and to all of you for your support, and your patience…. I’ll be back tomorrow and next Friday I promise a date to remember. A date night at one of the Top Ten Best Restaurants in the World. Yum!!!


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Jim Walker has been a website security expert and website hosting services provider for over 16 years. Living in San Diego, California, his current passion is everything WordPress. He manages HackRepair.com, a malware cleanup and website security services company, and HackGuard.com, a WordPress security and WordPress management service.

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