Why HackRepair.com and What Are The Hack Repair Guys’ Service Standards?

Personalized and caring involvement in fixing your hacked website– it’s what we do.

  • Our goal is to help you prevent your website from being hacked again.
  • Service is very important to us. We intend to reply to every email you send us within five minutes; and likewise begin working to fix your website within minutes of your call.
  • Why HackRepair.com - The HackRepair.com ProcessNo outsourcing to an unknown sweat shop of workers in some unknown country. We are a California-based business.
  • We consider every phone call we receive a blessing. Call us anytime, (619) 479-6637, or Toll Free, (800) 639-6442, or email, jim at hackrepair dot com
  • Once we’ve completed the clearing of malware from your website we will, with your approval, help you install software to better secure your website in future.
  • Throughout the course of cleaning your hacked website we will provide you with a real-time report on what we are doing, what we’ve found, and what to watch out for in future.
  • Even after your website has been secured and Google.com reputation restored we will remain available by phone or email for any question you may have in the future. Think of us as “your website security experts for life!”
  • With fifteen years of web hosting and Internet security related experience our skill sets are unique and available to you for a reasonable flat fee.
  • We treat every hack repair project we work on as though it were our own website.


Our service goals include:

1. Education.

Our #1 goal is to ensure your website is never hacked again. We hope to impart to you all of the lessons we’ve learned from previous clients, and help make you a WordPress security guru by the time we are finished.

2. Reporting.

Our #2 goal is to report back to you everything we’ve done, including showing you what malware looks like and how to locate it.

  3. Long term security.

Once we’ve cleared all malware from your website, our goal #3 is to better secure your website from random bots and other malicious folk. Below are some of the tasks we intend to build into your website (for WordPress clients):

  • Enable a 404 error detection. This helps to block random bots of finding you.
  • Enable backups. We don’t want all of our good works lost due to accidental file deletion.
  • Enable brute force login protection. This will help block hackers attempting to guess your password.
  • Enable file locking so hackers cannot edit core WordPress files.
  • Enable real-time logging within your site. This will notify us if something changes within your site unexpectedly.
  • Enable settings to reduce comment spam.
  • Enable you to better secure your website by teaching you security best practices.
  • Enable your website to deny the execution of scripts within images directories. This helps to discourage hackers from hiding back door scripts within directories you would not normally check or monitor.
  • Enable real-time file monitoring.
  • And much more…


Below are words of encouragement and testimonials received from some of our recent customers:

Our website was infected for weeks with a pharma hack. We had friends who work in tech trying to help us get the situation resolved and get the hack removed but none of them could figure it out. Google plastered a warning on our site and it was blocked at our customers’ offices and their schools. Jim at Hackrepair.com not only removed the hack in a matter of hours, he handled clearing our site with Google and he did it all within 24 hours and for a reasonable price. He also added security to our site and walked us through the whole process in real time. We would recommend him to anyone or any business with a website problem.

One of our website has been hacked and while looking for help I found The Hack Repair Guy on Google. Jim immediately responded to my request and helped me right away.

In two days he debugged everything and taught me how to be more cautious so that it doesn’t happen again. Thanks a lot!

Hackrepair.com came to our assistance when storm Sandy shut down all of our servers and crippled our business. In a matter of about 90 minutes Jim had our site up and our e-mail working again he dropped everything to assist us amazing!

I would recommend his services to anyone seeking a professional, cost-effective, and customer service oriented hosting service. Thanks again Jim we appreciate all your help!

Exceptional service is so rare these days that when I get it, I want to spread the word. Jim at Hackrepair.com is not only service oriented, he’s a master at what he does. He saved me from a hacking crisis, ferreted out information I could never unearth, and delivered superior service and support throughout. Jim is unfailingly professional, patient and responsive. Thank you, Jim. You’re the best!

Honestly I was despondent and lost not knowing what to do when I heard my site was hacked. My designer changed careers. That meant I had no updates, and no one to turn to. So out of desperation since I did not even know the name of the type of worker I needed help from I googled: ” help! my site was hacked.”

Hackrepair.com appeared. I called and there was Jim himself. I was surprised to actually have the guy himself on the phone! Immediately he went right work and diagnosed the problem and fixed it for a very affordable fee. He also suggested I sign up for their monthly updates and protection plan which I did. This was the second time my site was hacked, and I did not want to get another strike. Now I can feel safe and sound with Jim on my side :). I highly recommend Jim and Hackrepair.com for anyone that needs support that is fast, done well, and affordable.

As an SEO professional, I deal with alot of people online and it’s not often that you find people (in this country or abroad) who say what they do… and then in turn DO what they say. You definitely exceeded all of my expectations and I can honestly say that I’m glad to have met you and you are DEFINITELY my go to person for any type of hack and virus removal projects in the future.

I also appreciate you bringing Wordpress and old plugins up do date, and adding those additional security plugins to protect us against any future attacks. Thanks Again.

Called on Hack Repair to help with the pharma hack. He gave me peace of mind that our web developer had removed the nasty code and then offered additional recommendations on how to harden our site against future hacks which we have since implemented.

Within months of setting up my new website… I was hacked with an obnoxious viagra ad running in the background of all my pages! My web designer recommended the services of Jim at Hackrepair.com. He was on it immediately and knew what the issues were. I called him mid afternoon, and by the next morning everything had been remedied. Additionally, he sent me a checklist of procedures I should follow to hopefully avoid further vulnerability. Thanks Jim!

I would highly recommend the services of Hackrepair.

Our web site was attacked recently. Someone hacked the site and inserted various types of code connected to pharma products. The code caused Google to put up a “this site may be compromised” warning on our website. It also caused traffic to plummet from more than 150 hits a day to less than 30.

After searching the internet and making various inquiries, I made arrangements with Jim Walker (thehackrepairguy.com) to help with our site. Jim acted quickly. He provided a detailed set of steps that he was going to take. He was professional and thorough. He removed all of the malicious script from the website and helped to set up new, improved security measures for our website. He finished all of the work within hours. Within days, most of the fake links that Google had been finding were gone. Within two weeks, we were back to up to our normal level of traffic.

This kind of malicious attack is very upsetting and can affect business significantly. It is very stressful trying to manage it. However, Jim was reassuring and knowledgeable. Measuring things at the two week point, it appears that his work was thorough and complete.

Thehackrepairguy is not the least expensive option out there. We had quotes for as little as one third of what Jim was charging. However, none of the other companies were prepared to guarantee that they would continue to work with us until all of our problems with Google were cleared up. We were not interested in a partial job. Jim was willing to provide that assurance and that was the main reason that we went with his company.

We are quite happy with our decision and would have no hesitation in recommending Jim to anyone who might be dealing with this type of attack.

I was having several security issues with my site that was hosted at “one of the big guys”. After many months of little help from my host’s security team I did a google search and came across Jim at HackRepair.com. Upon contacting Jim, I found him great to work with as he began working on my site right away and pointed out several issues with the site a few hours later. I was so impressed, that I moved my hosting to TVCNet.com and continue to enjoy the great customer service you do not get with the big guys.


About Jim Walker

Jim Walker has been a website security expert and website hosting services provider for over 16 years. Living in San Diego, California, his current passion is everything WordPress. He manages HackRepair.com, a malware cleanup and website security services company, and HackGuard.com, a WordPress security and WordPress management service.