Why HackRepair.com and What Are The Hack Repair Guys’ Service Standards?

Personalized and caring involvement in fixing your hacked website– it’s what we do.

  • Our goal is to help you prevent your website from being hacked again.
  • Service is very important to us. We intend to reply to every email you send us within five minutes; and likewise begin working to fix your website within minutes of your call.
  • Why HackRepair.com - The HackRepair.com ProcessNo outsourcing to an unknown sweat shop of workers in some unknown country. We are a California-based business.
  • We consider every phone call we receive a blessing. Call us anytime, (619) 479-6637, or Toll Free, (800) 639-6442, or email, jim at hackrepair dot com
  • Once we’ve completed the clearing of malware from your website we will, with your approval, help you install software to better secure your website in future.
  • Throughout the course of cleaning your hacked website we will provide you with a real-time report on what we are doing, what we’ve found, and what to watch out for in future.
  • Even after your website has been secured and Google.com reputation restored we will remain available by phone or email for any question you may have in the future. Think of us as “your website security experts for life!”
  • With fifteen years of web hosting and Internet security related experience our skill sets are unique and available to you for a reasonable flat fee.
  • We treat every hack repair project we work on as though it were our own website.


Our service goals include:

1. Education.

Our #1 goal is to ensure your website is never hacked again. We hope to impart to you all of the lessons we’ve learned from previous clients, and help make you a WordPress security guru by the time we are finished.

2. Reporting.

Our #2 goal is to report back to you everything we’ve done, including showing you what malware looks like and how to locate it.

  3. Long term security.

Once we’ve cleared all malware from your website, our goal #3 is to better secure your website from random bots and other malicious folk. Below are some of the tasks we intend to build into your website (for WordPress clients):

  • Enable a 404 error detection. This helps to block random bots of finding you.
  • Enable backups. We don’t want all of our good works lost due to accidental file deletion.
  • Enable brute force login protection. This will help block hackers attempting to guess your password.
  • Enable file locking so hackers cannot edit core WordPress files.
  • Enable real-time logging within your site. This will notify us if something changes within your site unexpectedly.
  • Enable settings to reduce comment spam.
  • Enable you to better secure your website by teaching you security best practices.
  • Enable your website to deny the execution of scripts within images directories. This helps to discourage hackers from hiding back door scripts within directories you would not normally check or monitor.
  • Enable real-time file monitoring.
  • And much more…


Below are words of encouragement and testimonials received from some of our recent customers:

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We can’t praise Hackrepair.com’s approach highly enough. It was just so great to be able to give Jim a call and talk our issues through with him. When you think you have something wrong with your website, and it seems to have been done by some faceless unknown, being able to talk to a human being who understands what you are going through is so reassuring.

It was brilliant that he kept in touch with a string of emails through the night that showed he was still fighting in our corner. How fantastic to walk into work the next day and find we were back on our feet again. And then he was just as concerned about educating us so that we can do everything we can to stop something similar again. He gave us a big chunk of peace of mind back and our website is better and safer for his help.

Martin, Cambridge School Classics Project

I can’t say enough good things about the service Jim provided. During my initial phone call to Hackrepair.com, Jim diagnosed the issue in just minutes and immediately went to work solving my website issues. I really appreciated the email updates and recommendations for further safeguarding my sites, but most of all, I was thrilled with how quickly he resolved my issues. I would recommend him to anyone whose website has been hacked! Thanks, Jim.

Rachel, MM, MT-BC

Hackrepair.com did an amazing job on restoring my site. Jim answered the phone personally and then found the files that had been hacked. He then got them removed and all is now well in the world.

Kim Gillett, Designer

I was in a really bad spot…I had a client with an event coming up and just weeks before it their site gets hacked. Not knowing where to turn I spent days digging around trying to fix it myself wasting a ton of time and getting some frustrated clients on my back. But then in my search I stumbled across hackrepair.com and in less than 8 hours he had everything completely sorted. Quick, complete, and reasonably priced coupled with over the top service now has Jim as #2 on my speed dial…right behind my mom :)

Dave, Social Momentum

I called Jim, the hack repair guy, randomly through seeing his site online. My site had been hacked and I couldn’t figure it out. Jim went above and beyond what I asked him to do. He checked ALL my sites, well over 120,000 files, and then fixed the problem in less than 1 day. You can’t ask for more than that. He is super friendly on the phone and very fast with emails. If you can afford to have him please use him! HE’S excellent!

Sakura Publishing

When I called hackrepair.com I was overly impressed that my call was answered by Jim The Hack Repair Guy himself who offered step by step guidance on how my site was going to be recovered, took me through the steps and ensured it was exactly as I needed it to be. Most of all this was all done in the course of an evening. This is an excellent service.

Karen, DB2 LUW

My web site has now been fixed and the hacker ad taken off along with all the attack tentacles put on my web site. It is now safe to visit and go through again. Jim Walker of http://www.hackrepair.com was most helpful, quick, affordable and knew exactly what to do when so many others just looked around and said “DA.” Thank you Jim.

Laurie Roth, The Roth Show

HackRepair.com support was there to answer our questions when we needed it; we highly recommend their services – this is a company you can put your faith in!

Jibryne Karter, President

Jim at Hackrepair.com is a computer hero!!! The main path our clients find our business is through the internet. Our old hosting company, took us down unexpectedly without notice because our site was hacked. Jim cleaned our site and we were back up within hours! He also provided other services for free of charge. Because of his impeccable service, I immediately switched to allow him to host and monitor our site! Thanks Jim, for saving the day!

Mona Yacko, Pacific Hills Banquet and Catering

Hackrepair.com did a great job in clearing my site of malware!

Jim was very easy to work with took care of the problem fast and was very reasonably priced. I would recommend him to all my associates in a second.


Sean, Web Designer
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