Why HackRepair.com and What Are The Hack Repair Guys’ Service Standards?

Personalized and caring involvement in fixing your hacked website– it’s what we do.

  • Our goal is to help you prevent your website from being hacked again.
  • Service is very important to us. We intend to reply to every email you send us within five minutes; and likewise begin working to fix your website within minutes of your call.
  • Why HackRepair.com - The HackRepair.com ProcessNo outsourcing to an unknown sweat shop of workers in some unknown country. We are a California-based business.
  • We consider every phone call we receive a blessing. Call us anytime, (619) 479-6637, or Toll-Free, (800) 639-6442, or email, jim at hackrepair dot com
  • Once we’ve completed the clearing of malware from your website we will, with your approval, help you install software to better secure your website in future.
  • Throughout the course of cleaning your hacked website we will provide you with a real-time report on what we are doing, what we’ve found, and what to watch out for in future.
  • Even after your website has been secured and Google.com reputation restored we will remain available by phone or email for any question you may have in the future. Think of us as “your website security experts for life!”
  • With fifteen years of web hosting and Internet security related experience, our skill sets are unique and available to you for a reasonable flat fee.
  • We treat every hack repair project we work on as though it were our own website.


Our service goals include:

1. Education.

Our #1 goal is to ensure your website is never hacked again. We hope to impart to you all of the lessons we’ve learned from previous clients, and help make you a WordPress security guru by the time we are finished.

2. Reporting.

Our #2 goal is to report back to you everything we’ve done, including showing you what malware looks like and how to locate it.

  3. Long term security.

Once we’ve cleared all malware from your website, our goal #3 is to better secure your website from random bots and other malicious folk. Below are some of the tasks we intend to build into your website (for WordPress clients):

  • Enable a 404 error detection. This helps to block random bots of finding you.
  • Enable backups. We don’t want all of our good works lost due to accidental file deletion.
  • Enable brute force login protection. This will help block hackers attempting to guess your password.
  • Enable file locking so hackers cannot edit core WordPress files.
  • Enable real-time logging within your site. This will notify us if something changes within your site unexpectedly.
  • Enable settings to reduce comment spam.
  • Enable you to better secure your website by teaching you security best practices.
  • Enable your website to deny the execution of scripts within images directories. This helps to discourage hackers from hiding back door scripts within directories you would not normally check or monitor.
  • Enable real-time file monitoring.
  • And much more…


Below are words of encouragement and testimonials received from some of our recent customers:

“When we learned that our company website had been hacked, we were in a state of panic. Google was displaying a hacked warning on our search result and we suffered a sharp decrease in organic search traffic. We contacted several web security companies and were quoted extremely high hourly rates for the hacking repair service. In addition, they did not guarantee that they could get the Google warning removed.

When I contacted Hackrepair.com, I was assured that they could get the Google warning removed within days and that they would be happy to do the work for an affordable flat fee. Further, Hackrepair.com offered a money-back guarantee.

Once we hired Hackrepair.com, I was immediately in contact with Jim who provided us with outstanding customer service. Jim promptly answered all emails and calls. He also gave me multiple frequent updates every day to keep me informed of the work he was doing. The updates reassured me and my managers that we were on the right track. As promised, Jim was successful in getting the Google warning removed from our search result. Our organic search traffic recovered by the next day. We are very grateful to Jim and recommend him emphatically.

Hameem @lumentus said, about The Hack Repair Guy

As a budding freelance graphic designer, my website is fundamental to showing potential clients my work and is essential to my livelihood. Recently a hacker infected my site with malware. I couldn’t apply for any jobs and risk potential clients getting infected as well. After educating myself on what could be done on my own, I realized my best course of action would be to hire an expert. Thankfully I found Jim Walker The Hack Repair Guy. Jim’s approach is straightforward and I immediately felt he could be trusted. I found his pricing reasonable. He was easy to work with, and with a complementary scan of my site found the malware that had already evaded other scans. He quickly found how the hackers had infiltrated my site and cleaned it up. I feel so relieved and can now resume my job search knowing I won’t pass on malware to others. For me, Jim might as well be a superhero going after the evildoers of the web — he certainly rescued me from the bad guys!

Recently a hacker infected my site with malware

We have a 500-page client website that was probably hacked for a month or more [sorry client]. Being newbies at this we had been taking half measures (adding security, talking to the host, etc) and wasting a lot of time since there was a backdoor created by the hackers. Finally the hacking went crazy and the site was blocked by Google and the search engines and I was afraid of losing the client. We found hackrepair.com online but I was skeptical. I looked at 10 pages of links on Google for “hackrepair.com” trying to find critical comments/reviews before deciding to use them. Then the next morning it was all gone, both the hacking and the Google/browser blocks. Plus we had a list of to-do items to improve security.
– J. Blair, @Praxis

It was the first time we had a client site that was hacked

Had the unfortunate opportunity to have our websites hacked and while GoDaddy tried to sell me a myriad of fixes (none of which worked – and were costly) I searched online and was fortunate enough to find Jim and HackRepair. Within 24 hours we were back up and fixed – at a reasonable price. The communication was excellent and as you could imagine, this guy is top of our Rolodex…. Yes, rolodex – that is how unfamiliar and uncomfortable I am with technology – but thanks to Jim I’m feeling more confident and less panic about future problems. I highly recommend him and his company!

Professional and thorough!

Wow, after working about 10 days with my other security service, Jim took on my hacked website, communicated promptly, didn’t make me feel like an uneducated geek (which I am) and knocked out the project in a few hours.  First time experience for me and instead of walking away with a negative experience or a costly bill, I’m moving on feeling I like Jim’s service did way more than I expected.  I’d recommend him to anyone!

Prompt, Professional and Personal all wrapped in one!

After spending many hours with my hosting company trying to fix my hacked websites with no luck I found Jim, the Hack Repair guy. What a big difference! Answered the phone straight away and spoke to a real person who understood about websites rather than following a script.

Jim gave me great advice and within 30 minutes of setting up my account was getting updated email notes of the progress. Within a few hours all of my websites were back to normal and running. Only one website took longer and that was because I had changed a file but once I explained to Jim he repaired the problem in literally minutes. Fantastic service and highly recommended. And, by the way, my hosting company still has an open ticket 2 days later saying they are looking into it!

Paul, London, UK

Jim at [hackrepair.com] could not have provided better customer service and results. Within hours of first contact, the bad links on my website were removed, and by the next morning Google had cleared my website’s status.

He worked into the evening hours in order to get the work done that same day and communicated thoroughly with me throughout the process. Before payment was requested, he ran a scan of my website and walked me through how to visibly verify from my own computer the bad links.

During the process, he updated my security systems, identified how the hackers gained access to my site, rectified the problem and provided advice on how to minimize the risk of being hacked in the future. There is no doubt that if I am ever hacked again Jim will be my first call.

Ryan Caffrey Hack Repair Service Testimonial

Jim and Hack Repair are lifesavers! They have saved us from malware twice to date and both times with an exceptional level of professionalism, speed and responsiveness. Communication was clear and constant throughout the process and Jim went above and beyond the call of duty to offer insights, tips and suggestions for securing our websites, optimizing their setup and helping us understand what’s going on behind the scenes that leads to these kind of attacks. Highly recommended.

Justin at Conscious Lifestyle Magazine Hack Repair review

HackRepair.com rescued me! After many days and little progress, he came in and fixed up all that was broken. I highly recommend his work. He truly knows how to attack a hack!

Kelly @kellybalarie

Jim saved the day and my website! After finding out that my website had been hacked, I was in panic mode wondering how I was going to get this fixed. I definitely didn’t want to pay the hackers who had done this damage. While doing a little bit of search on Google I found Hackrepair and they did an excellent and super fast job. I highly recommend them. I would definitely work with them again!

Gaby @ living-in-washingtondc.com Malware Cleanup Review