Has Your Website or WordPress Blog Been Hacked?

Has Your Website or WordPress Blog Been Hacked?With over 15 years experience, and a long list of verifiable customer testimonials, our trained Website Security Team will identify and remove malware, fix your website security issues, and do everything we can to help you better monitor and prevent your website from being hacked in the future.

And we'll go several steps further in fully locking your website down against hackers. We'll install custom security measures where possible, we’ll help you set up a website backup strategy, and we’ll help repair basic website errors. All for one reasonable flat fee—no matter how long it takes to resolve.

Recent Hack Repair Service Testimonials

A recent video testimonial:

video testimonial for hackrepair.com

Another recent testimonial:

We have a 500-page client website that was probably hacked for a month or more [sorry client]. Being newbies at this we had been taking half measures (adding security, talking to the host, etc) and wasting a lot of time since there was a backdoor created by the hackers. Finally the hacking went crazy and the site was blocked by Google and the search engines and I was afraid of losing the client. We found hackrepair.com online but I was skeptical. I looked at 10 pages of links on Google for “hackrepair.com” trying to find critical comments/reviews before deciding to use them. Then the next morning it was all gone, both the hacking and the Google/browser blocks. Plus we had a list of to-do items to improve security.
– J. Blair, @Praxis

It was the first time we had a client site that was hacked